New version of XojoThemes for Xojo devs

XojoThemes from Gavin Smith has finally reached 1.0 and is available now.

XojoThemes allows you to change the colors and font of the IDE’s code editor in groups (or themes). So, you might want to have one theme for the daytime and a different one for the evening. I suggest Sunset and Solarized Dark.

In this new version, you can also create your own theme. Simply select one of the default themes and click the Add (+) button and a new custom theme is created, based on the previously selected theme. Make changes to your themes by clicking color swatches or changing the font in the Previews box. Set the theme then love Xojo just a little bit more.

XojoThemes is currently OS X only, free and available now. My thanks to the beta testers and everyone on the Xojo forum. Special thanks to Jean-Paul Devulder, Marco Hof, Patrick Delaney and Tim Parnell.

From the release notes:
XojoThemes 1.0?—?Now allows custom themes, now 64-bit (hey, why not), changed Preview pane to use swatches, moved Help button to de-facto standard position, moved Set Theme button beside Add/Minus buttons, bug fixes



XojoThemes 1.0.1 is out now.

From the ReadMe:
*Fixed crash when entering non-numeric characters into the font size ComboBox (thanks Jean-Paul Devulder)
*Cleaned up OS X 10.9 TextLabel sizing nastiness in the Preview pane (thanks Jared Feder)
*Fixed bug that caused Cursor Color to overwrite AutoComplete
*Code signed for GateKeeper happiness