new version is causing issues with app

the new version of xojo ( 2019 3.1 ) is causing issues with app(s)

it is not allow variables named “var” , maybe a simular issue with “Factor”

and reading files from a network drive to load a listbox hangs the system, where as the previous version ( 2019 1.1) took about 6 seconds.

and the sorting of listboxes has an issue with “ColumnSortDirection”

Read the release notes, then the Language reference and the error messages, then, and then only, you will start to think what you wrote.

What you wrote started with Xojo 2019r2.

The Language names have been modified. Dim now is named VAR, etc.

Read as an example.

You will need to read the release notes (as Emile states). A lot of language changes occurred without warning in 19r2 that affect a lot of existing code like this.

Your best option is to drink at least two of your favorite adult beverages, load your project, press CMD-K/CTRL-K, and then start attacking the errors from the bottom up.

Or, simply stay with 19r1.1 as many of the rest of us are doing.

Well said Tim !

I have already solved most errors in the app used most except,
In 19r2 when i try to read file names from a network drive and load them in to a listbox the app freezes, no errors, and no clue what is could be the problem.

here is the code that loads the file names, but i do not know where in the code the freeze is taking place, there is no exceptions, and no errors.

if ListSelector.Text = “Active” then
CustomerIDFolderItem = GetDataFolder.Child(SoftName).Child(“Data”).Child(“customer”)
end if

if ListSelector.Text = “Archive” Then
CustomerIDFolderItem = GetDataFolder.Child(SoftName).Child(“Data”).Child(“arch-cust”)
end if[/code]




If appFolder Is Nil Then
End If

Dim count As Integer = appFolder.Count

For i As Integer = 1 to count
Dim f As FolderItem = appFolder.Item(i)
If f <> Nil Then
if CmpPattern(f.Name, Pattern) = true then
End If
End If

i might have to stay with 1.1

Use 19r3.1: it have far less bugs, use the god old Events names (unlike version 2), and so on. IF POSSIBLE, avoir 19r2 like the plague.