New to Xojo

I have just purchased Xojo. In the email it says
“download and launch Xojo. Log in using your credentials, your license keys will automatically be downloaded and installed. Now you’re ready to start building!”

I am using a pc to browse the computer with windows7 pro 32 bit

  1. If i Download and install and receive the license how can I install this on to my developent PC (Which is not connected to the internet)
  2. After installing on windows 7 pro 32bit. is there anyway of changing the environment to xp pro does my license allow this to do?
  3. Do I get one license to all the different environment for development? windows, linux, apple etc at any time

Thank you

  1. from your Xojo account, you can download a license file, and load it from the “About->Licenses” menu in Xojo.
  2. depending on your license, there is a limit to the number of computers you can have Xojo installed on. From your Xojo account, you may deactivate computers which your license has previously been used on, should you wish to migrate to another OS/Machine.
    2a) Alternatively, you can install the Xojo Remote Debugger application on as many machines as you want, and from your primary development machine, push executables for testing on the other machines (if your concern is testing the product on another machine).
  3. Yes, You can build for Windows, Mac, and Linux anytime for all 3, from a Windows, or a Mac, or a Linux based machine.
    On Windows - Build for Windows, Mac, Linux ; On Mac - Build for Windows, Mac, Linux ; On Linux - Build for Windows, Mac, Linux

Hope that helps! You can always review the EULA for installation and license details here:
-or- From the About menu in Xojo, you can access the EULA offline. :slight_smile:

If you need anything else, just ask!

You need a Desktop license to build for all three platforms at the same time. If you want to distribute the macOS version of your app then the app will need to be signed which can only be done on a computer that runs macOS.

Pro works for that too :stuck_out_tongue:

The latest IDE is 64bit though, so that could be a problem. Also the minimum supported Windows version is 7 SP1, so XP is not going to work for you.

He should be able to download a 2017r2.1 which is 32-bit, but yes, going forward the IDE will only be 64-bit on Windows. It would be to your advantage for your development machine to be running 64-bit Windows.

Thank you all for the quick response, It is amazing the community is so supportive and quick. Great. I have clients who are running on XP Pro I have to encourage them to migrate.

Look in your account. I believe on the Downloads page that you’ll have access to previous versions of the product, including one that will compile for Windows XP. The only thing you’ll have to do is avoid using newer fanguage features in that project. Xojo last built for XP in 2015r2.4.

Hi Greg
I tried in the download section, It says Realbasic downloads aswell as Xojo Downloads. Can you point me which version is for windows XP please

Thank you Wayne, I will check this. I wanted to know once I have downloaded the XP version do the development to one of my client (Who is on XP platform). If I get another client who has windows 10 64bit. Can I download the latest 64bit XOJO and do the development to the new customer with the same license number? As you know I have to have both environment to support my clients!

I believe you can download & use any version of Xojo up until the end of your renewal period (not sure about previous versions). You can also install multiple versions of Xojo and run them concurrently, so there is no reason to limit yourself to the XP compatible version.