New to xojo and programming. sample project

New to xojo and programming.
Hi, I am new to xojo and the bulk of my experience is HTML although i did take a javascript class a long time ago but it has been long enough that I really dont remember much of it.

I am reading through the introduction to xojo and will move onto the desktop instructions after.
My learning it usually helps me to have a project in mind with a similar example while I am working through the manuals. My first project since it is something my company would like to have eventually is a fairly simple timeclock. It would have a user ID field and a password field, then 2 buttons- clock in and clock out. This would then be able to export to a csv or database (i only have openoffice on the computer I have to practice and havent really used the access clone on it).
So the program would have some logic that “user” and “password” matches the user and password I have set up for that person it would create an entry for clock in and clock out. seeing if anyone would have some example code of a similar program that would check to see if two fields match a person, press enter(clockin/out) it would then create an entry in or exportable to an excel sheet or database that i can then manipulate to get totals etc.

also note there is already a timeclock for paychecks and this above is more to track when employees are in the building so I don’t necessarily need all the extra features that the typical timeclocks would use.

sorry for the long post :slight_smile:

Hey there James - what part of the world are you in?


Welcome and good luck with your project James!
Don’t hesitate to post questions on this forum.

Warning, There might be many, very helpful members here! :wink:

I can attest to how simple xojo is(i don’t know jack about basic yet i’m able to program with relative ease). Try to create a definite workflow about how the application is supposed to work and break it down into operational parts. Xojo lets you use multiple routines and threads to avoid having the ui worker being unresponsive/losing input(which is not the best thing when timekeeping :)) so you are better off creating a main ui window to handle user input/logon and call the real operation with threads and methods.

hi, thanks for all the responses. little nervous about learning programming since all I took was C++ and javascript way back in college and didn’t have much luck in it lol.

I am from fort wayne, IN

Welcome to the community. We are usually a pretty friendly lot and pretty forgiving. My only recommendation would be to do some searching before asking your question since most questions have been asked at least once. But, it’s not always possible to get the right answer with a search, so tell us what information you’re missing.

If you like video training, we have 56 hours of Xojo and Real Studio video training to subscribers at We also have an offline version available at The offline version isn’t updated as often but you don’t need a pesky internet connection to view anything.

@jamestiffner If you get stuck and your application doesn’t require too much secrecy you could try loading it up on a gdrive/dropbox/whatever and create a private conversation with us to poke the code. I wouldn’t mind doing so(after all other forum members has done the same to me and I need to keep the community karma wheel spinning :)).

Welcome James, i am kindly new in this forum aswell, tho not to programming. I can say this is the most supportive forum/crowd i ever faced in my life. C++ Background is normally a solid basis, for the rest you will find ton’s of examples and forum thread’s to find your way. Good luck!