New tab control

Before making a feature request, I’m curious to know whether anyone else is interested.

Having just updated to MacOS 11.6 and Safari 15.0, I notice Safari handles tabs rather differently. This could be really useful for desktop apps (my main interest) - and potentially web apps - a new control which mimics the tabs in Safari.

I could really use this and could “roll my own” using a canvas, but is anyone else interested in asking Xojo ?

Happy coding in the COVID era…

:sweat_smile: asking for new controls? the feedback case for the date/time control (BASIC for a RAD) was there for like a decade or more.

Apple put an option to use the old style after many complaints, looks like if many people use the old style they are going to discard the new one.

Hmm… after using it for a day I can see why it sucks. Steve Jobs would never have allow that out the door.


Change for the sake of change.