New SourceTree Version Is Seemingly Glitchy

I don’t know about the other operating systems but the new SourceTree seems to be significantly less stable than the last version I was using. Anybody else experiencing general buggy functioning. I didn’t have the same problems before. I think they changed the UI and it doesn’t work as well on my system. What do people think. Maybe I should downgrade to the last version.

I cannot seem to stage lines without it telling me I need to contagiously select them but I have. But it lets me unstage lines. And I cannot remember if it had this design previously but I have to scroll to get to the ‘stage hunk’ and ‘discard hunk’ button. Wouldn’t it be better design if it was on the left not the right side?


Glitchy on the Mac too. I downgraded almost immediately.

Downgraded and the interface is much better.

Thanks for the warning! I’ll deny an update until I hear better things.

If you look at the SourceTree forums, you will see people hate the update. SourceTree is a great tool but the overall changes to the design and lack of stability make it not worth the ‘upgrade’. No disrespect to the developers though. Hopefully, they will come out with a nice update soon that will make up for this rough change.