New Smoker maiden voyage

To step away from the computer for a few hours, we purchased a Traager Smoker and it got its maiden run yesterday with a 12lb brisket. Simple Salt, Pepper, Garlic rub. Cooked low and slow at 225ºF. Here’s the result:

If you’re tempted to get into smoking, this Traeger Pellet unit is straight up simple.

If you’re in the USA, ACE Hardware will assemble and deliver it.


Well that’s gone on my shopping list. I’ve got a big charcoal six shelf offset smoker now, but it’s really hard to maintain temp. I’ve debated getting a propane smoker, since I already have a hookup to the home’s propane, I could run the thing for as long as necessary without ever being concerned about fuel. But using gas for smoking just feels… wrong.

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This the concept? Seems a shade pricey.

No - that’s the WiFi version that allows you to control and monitor the cooking process via your phone - meh.

Mine is the Pro Series 34. There’s also a smaller Pro Series 22, but I wanted to be able to tackle larger loads (ribs/■■■■/brisket at the same time).

Is rump blocked? :smiley:

Damn I want to know what is blocked :wink: Loin?

Nice smoker!