New server: MySQL updated from MySQL 5.0 to 8.0, now SUPERSLOW

Last week our business server was updated with a brand new Mac Mini (the old one was a Powermac from 2006 so it was time, although the old guy was still performing flawlessly).

Our old machine was still running MySQL 5.0 because if it works, don’t fix it. Our new machine is now running MySQL 8.0 and that’s when the sh*t hit the fan… After a lot of problems I have it working now without random data disappearing because of sql_mode settings being different, but still one problem remains: the respons of the new (MySQL 8.0) server is very SLOW.

The file sharing functions on the server are faster than the old server, so it’s not a network problem or a “slow computer problem”, something is off with MySQL or with the way my software communicates with the new server. I have the old server still running so I can still connect to the old MySQL database and that runs much faster (like 2 to 4 times faster).

My software is rather old, since I started developing it in 2006 (Realbasic) and did some rewrites to have it still working in Xojo 2021.R3.1, so it’s possible that I use some archaic code but it was still working fine on the 5.0 server.

Any idea’s on where to look?

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What is slow - selecting, inserting, updating?

Do you see the same problems using MySQL Workbench?

Maybe settings such as the InnoDB buffer pool size or the bin log file size have been reset back to their defaults.

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I notice delay in all actions: selecting, inserting and updating.

If I use MySQL Workbench, it’s blazing fast when I select 25.000 rows and using my application it’s very slow.

I noticed the problem is caused by both Xojo (MySQLcommunityserver?) and MySQL/server. I did a few speed tests on both my old Intel iMac and my new Apple Silicon iMac and I noticed stuff being slower from the new server, but also on my new iMac (except starting up the software).

start program     6,2sec       61,0sec
open window       1,5sec        5,7sec

start program    11,0sec       40,5sec
open window       7,0sec       34,5sec

Could it be that MySQL is not Apple Silicon native and is running under Rosetta emulation?

Moving the MySQL server to a proper PC with Linux potentially could help.

Well, Arm or Intel is a problem, so it seems. I compiled an Intel-only version of my software and now it runs just as fast on my Apple Silicon iMac as it does on my old Intel iMac. So the Arm compiled Xojo software is slower than Intel compiled software going through Rosetta.

But still: the new MySQL server is much slower… I hope to get more info tomorrow when a couple of IT guys come take a look at the server.

That’s worrisome. Something seems out of order.

I imagine it’s only the database interaction that’s slower in the Arm build. Other non-database related builds seem a bit faster.

Well, you found a never seen point of attrition, it does not mean that there aren’t more. For the plugin DB maybe they created extra layers bridging them and more plugins can be affected using such “new design”?