New project following recent framework announcements

I followed the threads coming out of XDC closely. One of the most obvious changes was ditching Text and Auto and the new new framework (? API 2.0). What are people’s thoughts on what types to use in new projects going forwards? Should we just revert back to String and Variant? What happens for new iOS projects which lack those types?

As far as I could take from Paul’s webinar today, the iOS framework will be converted to the Classic Framework over time.
I myself had started a big project completely with the new framework and after day one of XDC I started to change all Text and Auto properties back to String and Variant.
What I miss most is the convenience of the TextInputStreams/TextOutputStream of the new framework, because you didn’t have to worry about the encoding. Xojo will probably submit this very soon in the Classic Framework.

Ooh I hadn’t realised Paul had done recent webinar. I’ll check that out.

It is a pain the loss of Text (eventually). I bet on Text winning over String when I wrote Roo. That will be very time consuming to fix.

Remember, none of this is going away anytime soon, if ever, so don’t stress too much about it. Use what works best now, convert later as needed.

For the benefit of those who didn’t attend XDC, can you elaborate on the Text vs String thing?