New Program SQLite with Xojo API2 Book

Version 2.0 (January 2021) of the book I Wish I Knew How To … Program SQLite with Xojo API2 has been released with major updates to API2 code. Numerous code and description changes have been made and the original examples from previous publications have been maintained to assist with converting old API1 code to new API2 code. More details and purchasing of the book are available at the following links: and

Uses Xojo API2

All examples have been created with native code with Xojo 2020 r2.1. There is an older book for API1 that remains available.

Too many specific changes have been made to code, algorithms, and descriptions to be listed.


General changes are shown below:

New/Updates to Version 2.0 – Jan 2021
• Converted all examples to API 2 and updated code
• Datatype NULL is now called BLOB
• Update a large number of screen grabs with newer DB Browser for SQLite
• Make a new Example 3-2, create a sqlite database with Xojo code
• Make a new Example 3-3, create a sqlite database with a table and ID field
• OpenDialog is deprecated, using OpenFileDialog instead
• Value is deprecated, using Text instead
• MsgBox is deprecated, using MessageDialog.Show.
• Field is deprecated, using Column instead
• Field is deprecated, using RowSet instead
• SQLSelect is deprecated, using SelectSQL instead
• RecordSet is deprecated, using RowSet instead
• ErrorMessage is deprecated, using DatabaseException instead
• Replaced Dim (API1) to Var (API2)
• EOF is deprecated, using For Each x as DatabaseRow in RS instead and/or AfterLastRow
• LastIndex is deprecated, using LastAddedRowIndex instead
• HasHeading is deprecated, using HasHeader instead
• Cell is deprecated, CellValueAt is used instead
• DatabaseRecord is deprecated, DatabaseRow is used instead
• InsertRecord is deprecated, AddRow is used instead
• Delete is deprecated, using Remove instead
• CopyFileTo is deprecated, using CopyTo instead
• MaxHorizontalResolution is deprectated, using MaximumHorizontalResolution instead
• MaxVerticalResolution is deprecated, using MaximumVerticalResolution instead
• PageSetupDialog is deprecated, using ShowPageSetupDiaolog instead
• Date is deprecated, DateTime is used instead
• SaveAsDialog is deprecated, using SaveFileDialog instead
• CreateDatabaseFile is deprecated, using CreateDatabase instead
• SQLExecute is deprecated, using ExecuteSQL instead
• SleepCurrentThread is deprecated, using Thread.SleepCurrent instead
• Commit is deprecated, using CommitTransaction instead
• Rollback is deprecated, using RollbackTransaction instead
More than twenty chapters and over 400 pages with greater than 80 examples that both show and describe the code. This book is in PDF format with example chapter folders containing Xojo source code and running examples.

The free book Table of Contents can be viewed at the authors website at:

ISBN: 978-1-927924-29-7

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