new pages open scrolled to position of previous page?

This is long standing behavior when being viewed from iOS, but it occurs to me that it’s really more of a bug than a feature as I can’t imagine a circumstance where you’d want it to do this. In my example I have a long list of items on a page. You have to scroll down to select one and then it opens a detail page to display more controls for that item. The detail page will be scrolled down as far as the list page was when it opens. The first thing I have to do in the shown event is issue a scrollTo(0, 0) which makes it open with the bottom controls showing and zoom to the top. This is messy, confusing for the user and serves no purpose other than to add yet more time before the page is ready to work with making things feel slower than they really are.

Is there a reason why this happens? I feel like new pages should open scrolled to the top not scrolled to the scroll position of the previous page.