New Notifications framework

The old UILocalNotification class in UIKit was deprecated back in iOS 10, and has now been replaced with a new framework called UNNotificationRequest.

I’ve created a Feedback case to request this gets implemented in Xojo iOS. Notifications are a pretty important part of most mobile apps. It’s unclear when Apple will pull the plug on UILocalNotification but they could do it any time.

If you’d like Xojo to handle Notifications in your mobile apps, please give this case some points.


Out of interest, has anyone explored implementing UNNotificationRequest in Declares yet?

It becomes more and more futile to declare into newer frameworks because Apple revamps many of them to use asynchronous messaging and there is no official way to handle these cases in Xojo. So with UNNotifications where I can catch the settings request in about half of the times while in the other cases it comes out empty or crashes the project.

While it could be possible to work around that with a lot of internal subclassing, such workarounds could stop with each new release and are not supported officially anyway.

Support for preemptive threads is nr. 3 in the most wanted section (<>), and while it started as a demand for running real preemptive threads thread support should include handling blocks that are returned from the system on a background thread too. I hope that interops will bring such a feature or an increasing number of iOS frameworks could become inaccessible.

If source-code is included definitely yes !

Me too.

Arrrrgh, this thread got buried over Christmas and I missed your last two messages. @Jean-Paul Devulder , is it still possible to test the demo (the link doesn’t work anymore?) and to buy a license?