New Lifeboat version never completes?


I’ve just updated to the last version of Lifeboat, which initially told me the Lifeboat software on my server needed updating. I let it do the update in the background and eventually forgot about it.

This morning, I came back and realised Lifeboat was still in the process of updating on my server (the progress bar was around 10% complete, although it had been running for more than one hour yesterday).
So I quitted Lifeboat and relaunched it. I then went to the “Server tools” pane and selected “Update modules” in the PHP section, which showed an “Installing PHP” UI. It also hung near the start. I can still quit and relaunch Lifeboat, but trying to update PHP always stalls since then:

Perhaps I’m concluding too soon, but I feel this release never completes its tasks.
And I’m wondering whether half updates have been performed, possibly leading to corrupted pieces of software. Are there Linux commands made to check integrity of recent updates?

Your apt could be stuck on something unexpected. It has happened to me, but I couldn’t pin down a cause so I couldn’t reproduce it and wasn’t able to automate fixing the situation I had found myself with.

No new PHP modules were added this release, so it’s curious that you’re seeing the button for that.

If you are comfortable with me connecting to your server to figure out what’s going on, feel free to contact me at, otherwise I would suggest starting with poking at apt to see what’s going on.

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Just wanted to update this thread to let anyone else experiencing an issue like this know that we have resolved the problem.

The apt interface was stuck on a conflict. We resolved the conflict and everything is operating normally now. We’re not sure how the conflict came to be, as the file in question wasn’t changed by either of us (possibly the cloud provider).

The PHP modules update was actually acting as designed. The module it found missing was one that was added to Lifeboat in July. The system works!

If you’re ever having troubles with Lifeboat, I’m always happy to help please reach out!