new iTouch vs iPhone

first off… I do not need/want a cell phone.
What I have done in the past is use an iPad Touch for iOS developement as it is/was the same as the iPhone5 for the type of iOS stuff I do
But the 6th gen Touch I have cannot upgrade beyond iOS 9.3, so I was waiting for a new Touch to be released.

Well Apple did that today… but pretty much the only upgrade was a new A10 chip, and iOS12.2 which is fine

However in reading on Macrumors about the new release, a number of people indicated that you could get an iPhone7 (bigger screen etc) for nearly the same price.

But a few things bothered me and I hope someone here can educate me :slight_smile:

  • What is locked vs unlocked [as mentioned I do not need the “phone” part]
  • there were indications that it required an operational SIM chip to set it up [even for just WiFi], and then the card could be removed [or a non-operational one could be inserted]
  • Am I setting myself up for problems if I try to go this direction?
  • What else do I need to know, that I don’t

A locked iPhone is one that can only use the SIM card from 1 provider, unlocked can use the SIM card of many providers.
Usually a locked phone is sold by a carrier at a discount with a contract. Unlocked phone is sold at full price.
I don’t know about the need for SIM card to set as Wi-Fi only.

If you select unlocked, you can find cheap providers. Some with minutes each month for just just the cost of the SIM card, as in, no monthly payments.


its possible to buy an iphone without activating it. So you can use it like an ipod touch, but with more features.

Round here, most supermarkets sell a pay-as-you-go starter SIM for $1… $10
Thats enough to set it up with.
But if you also activate the pay as you go part, (you may as well) , then you have the option of mobile data if you take it out of the house and can’t find public wifi.

It looks like the new iPod Touch is $199 with 32GB. I found that Walmart online is selling iPhone 7 for $199.99.
I will go with iPhone 7 over iPod Touch for the price.

I don’t think you need a SIM to set up, but if you do, you can check feeupmobile, they say the chip is $10 and you get free service (I think without data, only minutes and SMS).

Edit: sorry not Walmart, some seller using Walmart as shipper

where are you? best price I could find at Walmart was $299 with a prepaid service

Sorry, the price is an used unit. I guess is like buying from eBay. I edited my post above.

I searched walmart iphone 7 unlocked:

yeah… the $299 I found was for a refurb

This is the one I landed on:

New iPhone Touch has no TouchID and smaller screen than iPhone 7.
I would go for a refurbed iPhone 7 if I needed a cheap iOS device for development.

Boost mobile has pre-owned iPhone 7 starting at $149 and iPhone 7+ starting at $199, they are locked to boost. There may be ways to unlocking if needed.

and $50.00 a month for service… I don’t need a service… I don’t care if I can make/get a phone call…
But it DOES seem to require a SIM to setup up “anything”
and Boost won’t “help” unless you are already a customer

I don’t want to buy an iPhone7 and find out I have a nice shiny brick unless I shell out $$$ for things I do not need

I have a couple of old iPhones. Without SIM and work great as WiFi only devices.

I think you don’t need service to make it work, but if you do you only have to buy the cheapest one for a month.

You don’t need service to use the phone as a test tool for development. You only need service if you want to test something that needs a cell provider,service.

Hey, at least the iPod Touch still comes with real earphones …

I did a full service search for an iPhone from any US vendor I could find and you’ll definitely pay full price OR have to subscribe to a cellular service. Your best option really is Craig’s List or eBay with your fingers crossed and a money back guarantee.

Ok, let me try another way to explain what is most likely what will happen when you buy at Boost mobile:

  • you buy the iPhone 7/7+ in $149/$199 (plus tax, fees, shipping if any)
  • you will get an used iPhone locked to boost mobile
  • you will get a boost mobile chip without service
  • you will be able to configure the iPhone with your Apple ID and use wifi

Only if you need service, you need to buy service from boost mobile or found a way to unlock the phone and use other carrier.

Warning: because the phone is used, there is a chance (maybe small) that something will not work. Most reports from people buying is that the phones work ok.

Most likely because I don’t have experience with Boost mobile but with a couple of other small carriers selling used/new locked iPhones

Maybe also try a local phone repair shop.

Some of them sell used refurbished iPhone & Android units (Locked & unlocked) and some shops even offer a 30 day, 3 or 6 month warranty on their work.

Last year I found a nice Google Pixel (1st gen) to play with some Android development (I already have an iPhone). This phone was originally locked and works great with just Wifi and no SIM card. And came with a 6 month warranty.

The tech in the shop had already bypassed the SIM in all their phones, so customers can check them out before buying.

I hope that helps.

there is a Cricket (and/or PCS Mobile) about 2 blocks away… was thinking about going up there and see if they could shed light

it is apple, a 2 year device is legacy and worthless for them.

The iPhone7 is allready unable to install the latest IOS. For develop, better to search for a used but more recent model.

From what I read, iOS 12 can be installed in iPhone 5S, and the rumors say that iOS 13 will only support iPhone7 and newer.

the iPhone7 can most definitely run iOS12.3.1 … it does not COME with it, since it came out after end of manufacture. but it can be installed, and iOS13 will most likely also be available for it