New iOSBitmap(764, 316, 1.0, False) could not allocate picture

When I try this in my project :

dim p as New iOSBitmap(764, 316, 1.0, False)

I get the following error :

Apr 29 23:20:59 --- last message repeated 1 time --- Apr 29 23:20:59 Michels-iMac Check Print'R.debug[49810]: -1 Apr 29 23:21:00 Michels-iMac Check Print'R.debug[49810]: CheckPersonal Apr 29 23:21:00 Michels-iMac Check Print'R.debug[49810]: Unhandled Xojo.Core.UnsupportedOperationException Reason: Could not allocate picture. 0x000000000057f304 rbframework.dylib$4012 + 206 0x00000000005aa918 iOSBitmap_Constructor + 581 0x000000000005d5bd iOSBitmap.Constructor%%o<iOSBitmap>i4i4f8b + 93 0x0000000000162859 CheckFormPersonal.Event_Open%%o<CheckFormPersonal> + 742 0x0000000000062a15 iOSContainerControl.Event_Open%%o<iOSContainerControl> + 364 0x000000000003d465 iOSControl._FireOpenEvent%%o<iOSControl> + 85 0x00000000000518f9 iOSView.Constructor%%o<iOSView> + 1174

With a smaller picture, it works just fine :

dim p as New iOSBitmap(100, 100, 1.0, False)

It looks as if Xojo.Core cannot create an iOSBitmap with the initial dimensions.

What gives ?

Being that an image of those dimensions would be 965K, there may not be enough RAM to do it. Just guessing…

My thoughts too. Although 1Meg does not seem that big. In a brand new test project, the error does not show.

Unfortunately, there is no runtime.memoryused in iOS.

Is there any way to evaluate that ?

For the moment, I prepared the picture in Photoshop and dragged it into the project. It will do for this time, but I surely would like to be able to draw on it for other projects.