Can we talk about changing a constant?
Click on the constant, get a window that occupies the bulk of the screen.
In which you can do nothing with the default value of the constant.

Yes, I can add options for other languages.
But the default value has to be teased from a popup window (inspector) that may not even be open?
Why couldn’t the default value appear as the first item in the currently empty list?
Or above it like in Real Studio?

Heres the really daft thing:
The real default value only appears in the inspector window.

The alternative values can have a row that has ‘platform = Any, Language = default’
With a different value.

Now , ‘use this in any language and for any OS’ sounds pretty much like ‘this is the default’ to me, so now we have what looks like 2 default values???

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s things like this that keep sending me back to RS2012 to do the editing.
Constants there show the default value in the left hand pane, even before you click on them to edit.
Thats useful: why did we lose that?

Clutter. There would be just too much going on in the navigator if it did.

There is really only one default value. The inspector edits the properties of any item, the center editor is the content. Consider the default value a property and it makes sense.

That said, alternative UIs were discussed, but no action taken on them. At least not yet, no idea if that will change.