New Graphics R2


my first test of the new R2 Graphics functions

all functions are OK

but persistent over many drawing functions.

So don’t forget to switch off.

The new DateTimePicker works with the help of the timer

bend as a current watch and display it well with Drawintro

see example

Testing the new Brush property with the sample code from the docs pasted in the Paint event of a canvas, I get a NOE on the line “g.Brush = linearBrush”. macOS Big Sur, Retina.
Has anyone else seen that, or am I missing something about the Brush class?

I just tried the sample code on the Graphics.Brush page on Big Sur and it worked as expected:


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There may have been an issue if you were using some 3rd party plugins that conflicted with this. If that is the case make sure you’re using their latest plugins.

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How could a plugin interfere?
Except maybe by declaring an item named linearBrush without name prefix/postfix?

Yes, it was one of the installed plugins that was interfering with the Brush class. Thank you for the tip!

@Christian_Schmitz, it wasn’t one of your plugins, and I suppose too it declared a class named “Brush”. That is why prefixes/suffixes are a good practice.

Xojo team, thanks from the bottom of my heart for the latest additions to the Graphics class! It’s going to make my life 100x easier not having to mix Graphics, CoreGraphics and Direct2D. Terrific update, congratulations on the hard work!