New Framework Replacements for Chr() and Asc()?

Am i missing something or is there not yet a new framework replacement for Chr()? Integer.ToText would convert for example, a variable with a value of 13 to text “13” but would not yield a carriage return. I realize that EndOfLine.Macintosh would do that but, that was really just an example to get my point across. It would also be nice if the new framework had a replacement for Asc(). Looping through CodePoints in a text with an iterable is currently possible but what if you want the codepoint for only the first text character?

Chr = FromUnicodeCodePoint()
Asc = CodePoints

You may want to avail yourself of my XojoiOSWrapper which wraps all these functions into classic syntax.

Ah, I totally missed FromUnicodeCodePoint(). I wasn’t looking at the shared methods.

As for Codepoints, I’ve already rolled my own version of Asc, but it still seems kind of wasteful to get an iterable for all codepoints when I’m only interested in the value of the very first text character.

I am converting my old StringUtils module into a TextUtils module in an attempt to cut all ties with the evil world of strings. :wink:

I will definitely check out your XojoiOSWrapper. Thanks.

You might want to look at my M_Text module.

I said the same long ago when I discovered Xojo iOS in beta back in 2014, but seems Xojo had thought long and hard about that, and did not seem amenable to changing their method.

Ok, got the M_Text module also. Looks like it will provide much of what i need. Thanks to you both! :slight_smile:

For reference, I’ll also point out this page of the docs:

Migrating to the New Framework