New Framework depricated?


we are a bit confused as we see in the language reference that quite a few things from the “new xojo framework” are already deprecated like Xojo.Core.Dictionary.

Is there any explanation why? So shouldn’t we use the Xojo.IO.* / Xojo.Core.* etc anymore in general?


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Correct. Go back to using the old classes, but in new ways.

So for example originally it was Dictionary.Count, then it was Xojo.Core.Dictionary.Count, and now it’s Dictionary.KeyCount.

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Yes, I got rid of any I was using in my app a couple of years ago, including going back to String - no longer using Text. The main reason was that because so many useful methods just didn’t exist in the new framework, I was copying data back and forth much more than necessary in order to do things. And some of the Text methods were slow.

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Yes. Users just didn’t liked it.

Now we have three ways to write code. The old and deprecated way, the newer but also deprecated way and the new way. All three continue to work until whenever.

Only point achieved is that users now are even more confused.

But to honest. The new way (called “API 2.0”) is clean and mostly quite straight forward.


To help keep track of what I’ve been calling the frameworks:

dim                 - Classic API (or API 1)
Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket - Namespaced
var                 - API 2.0
AddRow => Add       - API 2.1

I have no considerations for the Desktop-pefixed-everything, and I hope it dies out as quickly as the namespaced framework.