New Feedback app on OSX - why does it need Admin permissions?

I like to install the new feedback app on my Macs, but it asks for my admin login, and if I do not provide it, it hangs.

What does it install where that requires admin privs?

To clarify - it wants admin permissions when updating itself. When I, however, download it from the website and copy it to my disk and run it, it never needs admin rights. So this is a bug in the updater of the old feedback, I assume?

Anyway, problem solved now by manual install.

It needs admin rights in order to update itself. It doesn’t even try to update without admin rights. I suppose it could have and only ask for permission if it failed, but it doesn’t. There are no helper apps, nothing installed in odd places.

Thanks for the clarification. So, if I understand you right, it was an oversight that it even asks for admin rights and shouldn’t have? Or are there situations where the app is actually in a state where it needs this, not to install the new but to remove the old, perhaps?

I’m curious, because I also entertain implementing my own update self-code (instead of using Sparkle which only works on OSX) and wonder if I have to consider something that I’m not aware of yet.

Non-administrator users cannot write to the Applications directory. That’s the situation you need to worry about. Feedback is making use of the admin rights, both to remove the old version and copy in the new version. It’s just that if you are an administrator, the rights aren’t actually necessary. The app could be in some other non-writable directory, so asking for admin rights every time is simply playing it safe.

An alternative is to try the copy operation first and if it fails, THEN ask for permission and try again. I just hadn’t thought of doing so when I wrote that code.

Ah, I see. The app assumed that it would beside in the Applications folder and that Apple may have protected it. Makes sense now. I tend to override those permissions and also place my dev tools in a separate folder, so I wasn’t affected by this, hence my irritation.

Yeah, it’s not perfect, and that API has been deprecated for a little while now too.