New family member at home!

Hi Folks,

While it’s not as big of news as Tim Hare’s new grand - I’m the proud new papa of a glossy black Epiphone Sheraton II archtop! Took me all of 20 minutes playing it to decide. 24-3/4" scale neck with 24 medium frets, dual Alnico humbucker pickups, and gorgeous MOP/Abalone headstock art and fret inlays.

It (haven’t given it a name yet) joins my stable of Fender, Yamaha, Ovation, and BC Rich axes.

Here’s the stunt double as I haven’t shot mine yet:

I have no idea what it all means (my sister got all the musical talent in the family), but glad to see you happy.


Yeah, I’m with Sam on this one. Congratulations, it’s (since you haven’t named it yet I’m not sure what it is) a dandy! Enjoy

Congratulations! I’m still using my Taylor 812c acoustic, 26 years young this year.

Basically, all of that guitar-speak translates to wonderfully comfortable to play, jazz sounds as smooth as butter and sustain that would make an opera star jeolous.

I’m a drummer and have been since I was 12. There seems to be so many Xojo users that are musicians. Wouldn’t it be great to have a jam session at XDC?

If you haven’t seen it, back in 2007 we had a band play at our conference and I sat in with them on the last song…

Me jamming with the band

Rock on Tim…

Bass player here!

Been gigging around the south of England for 20 years… Maybe a Xojo band is in order for XDC :wink:

Think I’d get the bass on - maybe! But the 500Watt rig… hmmm… not so sure!