New excellent Lego Big Ben set, Raspberry challenge ahead!

I just bought the new Big Ben Lego set, which is a scale model (not completely, two towers on the houses of Parliament are missing and the position of Big Ben is wrong). Despite the shortcomings, it is very beautiful and very detailed.

Besides the astonishing similarities and the beauty of this set, it has challenges enough for people interested in automation. I can find many improvements I can make. I have many Lego robotic bricks, ranging from the first RCX, over the NXT to the EV3.

For example the clock, make it a real working one which is on time. Sounding the clock like Big Ben. Lighting the rooms inside by switching on the lights when it gets too dark.

I can do this all with any of my Lego robotic bricks and surely with Arduino too. I am wondering if any of the Xojo enthousiast come up with other ideas.

This is not a promotional or advertising thread. In my scarce free time I like Lego building, mostly Technic but from time to time the creator sets very much. Believe me, I am a Lego freak from my childhood and I can open a Lego shop myself. My creativity is my limit!

I let a few of my ideas to improve this set out, just to see if somebody else also come up with it. To give a hint, Xojo does not only Raspberry, there are other features you can use to improve this model.

Be creative!

By the way, Big Ben is actually named the “Elizabeth” tower. Just to set the record straight.

Let’s see how long the forum lets that line stand. :wink:
I’m not biting.

The bell is called “Big Ben”. The tower itself had a name change in 2012.

Originally the tower was called “St. Stephens Tower” but because of Queen Elizabeths II diamond legislation period in 2012 it was renamed to “Queen Elizabeth” tower.

I think I put now the “.” on the “i”.

Just edited this post changing “clock” in “bell” and used the full name of the tower.

apart from the fact Big Ben is the bell not the clock… :slight_smile:
And its the Queen Elizabeth Tower not the Elizabeth Tower - people have been beheaded for such irreverence!

I bit :wink:

Sorry because English is not my native language, but I intended the bell not the clock itself.

Also sorry that I forgot the word “Queen”. You are indeed correct, it is the “Queen Elizabeth” tower. I corrected it in my second post.

I regret that I now will loose my head.