New Encoding Standard?

Last week I remember reading somewhere that a new encoding standard has been created which is set to replace UTF-8.
Does anyone know anything about this, or what the name is called, as I can no longer find the article again.

Or was I dreaming again?


That was a real new standard from 1969. Someone had a very senior moment.

I’m not that old!
I definitely read it somewhere, in the last week :slight_smile:
I did. I did.
Please tell me I did !!!

The guy who wrote about this had a senior moment - the evangelist from Berlin. No you. Your picture doesn’t allow any guess on your age. The pictures you had before didn’t look like you - I’m sure.

Ulrich Bogun: that’s his name. Now I had a senior moment :slight_smile:

Achhhh entschuldigung.
Ich dachte Sie über mich reden :slight_smile:

Meine Güte Eh :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, Entschuldigung bitte, Richard!
I am following a blog by a member of the CCC who writes about coding and, hm, to quote of of my favorite bands, our breaking social scene. Either he was mislead by this news too or he wanted to have some fun – and as it turned it, the news was correct: ASCII was promoted to Internet standard recently as a late recognition and with no influence to it being replaced by UTF 8 quite some time ago …

I thought I had lost it for a moment :slight_smile:


Do like me: Write “You are sane” on your bathroom mirror. That helps, believe us!

I tried that, but the pixies kept removing it :frowning: