New Drive handling documentation

I’m converting all of my older “Volume”-related code and have tried using the new “DriveCount” property as described here:

DriveCount As Integer

Returns the number of mounted drives.

This property is read-only.


This property is not currently supported for Android.

This property is shared.

The DriveCount function returns the number of mounted Drive.

However, the compiler reports:

WMain.lbAdvJob.CellClick, line 64
This item does not exist
For x = 0 to DriveCount - 1

With “DriveCount” highlighted. Where is the disconnect?

Try FolderItem.DriveCount .

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So the documentation is unclear and incomplete.


The real disconnect is that I’d want to know the number of volumes, not the number of drives.


Exactly - there are a load of API-2.0 changes that just make no sense.

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