New dateTimePicker at Xojo2020r2 iOS

Why is this control changed! You can’t control anything anymore!

I am used to present Cancel and Save buttons, now this is impossible because the contro takes over the complete screen.

I want that the DateTimePicker is triggered when the user tap a date, now you get an in-between step in a format you don’t want.

The change came probably because we updated to the iOS 14 SDK and it’s what Apple provides.

NOTE: Apple has indicated that you will be required to build against this SDK starting this month so…

Wait… 2020r2? We made that SDK change in this most recent update 2021r1.

Can you share a screenshot?

Sorry Greg, you’re right. It is 2021r1.

But is there a way to access the DateTimePicker directly without the step in-between?

See here: MobileDatePicker with Xojo 2021 R1 - #5 by Jeremie_L

Thank you Jason and Jeremie. That works!

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