New Crypto function ?


On 2013R4, is it coming a new Crypto RSA Function ?

We will all know the answer at the same time won’t we? 5 minutes after 2013R4 is released

look into the documentation:

Anthonis what new function are you needing?

Thank you

RSA function

Thanks Xojo team … on 2013R4 we have crypto RSA !!! Please update the docs with an example…

That’s a good one, there is actually no example to be seen…

You may want to download XOJO 2013r4 since they have added RSA methods.

Release Notes for Xojo 2013 r4

Crypto.RSAVerifyKey(Key as String) as Boolean Attempts to validate the specified key

Crypto.RSAEncrypt (Data As MemoryBlock, Key As String) As MemoryBlock Encrypts the data with the specified key, which is either a private or public key.

Crypto.RSADecrypt (Data As MemoryBlock, PrivateKey As String) As MemoryBlock The reverse of Crypto.RSADecrypt.

Crypto.RSASign (Data As MemoryBlock, PrivateKey As String) As MemoryBlock Signs the data block with the specified private key.

Crypto.RSAVerifySignature (Data As MemoryBlock, Signature As MemoryBlock, PublicKey As String) As Boolean Verifies the data with the specified signature and key. Returns true if the signature is verified, false otherwise.

Crypto.GenerateRandomBytes (ByteCount As Integer) As MemoryBlock Generates a random block of data.