"New App Store review process allows developers to challenge guidelines"

See https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/06/22/new-app-store-review-process-allows-developers-to-challenge-guidelines

Did Apple actually learn something:

[quote]Amid controversy surrounding Apple’s stringent — and notoriously capricious — application of App Store rules, the company on Monday announced a major change to the review process that will allow developers to challenge specific guidelines.

Buried deep in a press release touting new developer technologies, the updated app review process grants developers options to not only appeal deemed violations, but also challenge the guideline or guidelines cited in said rejections.

A second change impacts apps that are already on the App Store, with Apple no longer delaying submitted updates over guideline violations “except for those related to legal issues.” Developers will be able to address issues in a subsequent submission, Apple says.

Apple plans to implement the review process alterations this summer.

The changes could help reconcile a brewing controversy over the review process, Apple’s cut of transactions and its application of App Store guidelines.[/quote]

maybe they learned that they lost developers and apps …