New API: a question

Okay, I just listened to the XDC2018 presentation on the new API and have some questions. I’m told that Text will be deprecated in favor of String, which seems like the opposite of what was going to happen with the New Framework going forward.

In a major project I’ve been developing the last few months, I converted, wherever possible, every use of String to Text. So, properties that were String are now Text. And dimmed String variables are now Text. And I made extensive use of ToText (instead of Str) to make all this work. I just got used to doing things with Text instead of String. Do I now have to slowly convert all this to String because the Text class will disappear?

Nothing is disappearing, proceed with what works.

I imagine places where I use “Xojo.Core…” will have to be re-written. No?

In ten or twenty years? Maybe. :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ll start digesting my food again and stop worrying about this.