New (and Hopeful) to Xojo

Well, after a week of evaluating Xojo, I took the leap this weekend and purchased a Pro license. I also got a bit excited today and purchased the Omegabundle, MBS Complete & SQL plugins, and BKeeney ARGen. Not even sure which of these I will end up using in production, but saw something I want to try in each of them.

So, to be honest, I am a little anxious that I spent a bunch of money without a clear plan for how it will pay off, but I have a lot of things I would like to do that Xojo ought to be able to make possible. Looking forward to using the forums to help me start off on the right foot, so thanks in advance for your patience with my upcoming newbie questions!

It sounds like you are all-in! Welcome, you’ll find the community very helpful and quite lively at times.

Welcome… You REALLY jumped in with both feet!

That IS a lot of money to spend without a clear idea of what you are going to do!

That said the plugins you bought do plug most of the biggest holes in Xojo, at least for the desktop… (well except perhaps reporting)

The MBS Plugins have so much stuff in them figuring out what they can do is NOT trivial! Many in complete tend to be fairly low level so you need to learn a bit to use them.

While I don’t have the URLs handy there are two valuable open source projects… MacOS LIB which has a lot of OSX Declares and the Windows Functionality Suite which gets you the most needed Windows declares.

  • Karen

Welcome to the wonderful world of Xojo!

@Karen Atkocius You bring up an excellent point on reporting. I was looking at the Valentina Reports for Applications, but from the demo video I was not sure if using the Valentina server was a requirement for their report framework. In other words, can reports be built and then stored in the app? I will follow up with Paradigma on that, but if so it would be worth a look. I used Telerik reporting in my .NET apps, and those reports can be built in their report designer and then added to the app.

@Paul Lefebvre Thanks! I have been watching your videos over the past few days, and am signed up for your next webinar.

i use Valentina Reports on all my app with PostgreSQL


The MBS Plugins and BK products are great items to have in ones toolkit :slight_smile:

For reports, there are a few options out there to get the job done. In my last reporting project, I ended up using BK Shorts along with MBS Chart Director & MBS Dyna PDF.

Good luck and happy coding! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, great folks here that are sincerely willing to lend a hand.

Welcome Mark!

Welcome Mark and thanks for the orders :slight_smile:

@Mark Myers Happy New Year and congratulations on starting it with Xojo! For cross-platform software development, Xojo is a great tool backed by an enthusiastic and active community. Happy coding! :slight_smile:

There isn’t really much that Xojo can’t do. The biggest barrier at the moment is 64-bit compilation but that’s coming. If something isn’t built-in to Xojo, you can use Declares to make calls to the system APIs or plugins. Also check out the MacOSLib and WFS projects. So, you’re only limited by your imagination and time :wink:

I encourage you to check out Paul Lefevbre’s webinar series, a great asset to Xojo. See and don’t forget the archives (second link on that page).

Finally, as others have said, we’re all keen to help and support each other so ask away. Just be sure to check the documentation and do a forum search first :wink: Welcome!

Welcome the community. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We’re a (mostly) friendly lot.

Thank you for your purchases and if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask me a question via the contact us form at our website.

If you missed it, we also have over 60 hours of Xojo and Real Studio training video (most with source code) available at

Welcome Mark!!! You will find that the Xojo community is one of very talented and helpful people. I also encourage you to also take a look at the Xojo Community Open Source Projects. There are MANY very nice projects available to you that may be of help.

Good luck and Welcome!

Welcome Mark! It is always fun and exciting to see someone jump in as ambitiously as you have.
Not sure where you live, but there are Xojo UGs scattered around so if there is one not too far away be sure to give it a try.

Best wishes!


Thanks, Craig. I live in Central California, but work in Southern California almost every week. Looks like the LA UG is not active, though.