New 2020 MacBook Air just announced

2x performance
2x storage
New keyboard

Now we’re talking!

Oh, and just noticed at the bottom of that press release, Mac minis got a small spec bump too.

Is this thing going to be available at all? Did the Chinese open the factories?

Yes, the Chinese are mostly back to work according to reports. No doubt availability will be somewhat constrained no matter what, it’s likely to be popular.

with all apple stores closed almost all around the world, the sales will be low…

Seriously? :slight_smile: It’s 2020, they opened their online store in 1997. I’m pretty sure Apple will be just fine :wink:

They do sell online. And stores are open in China :wink:

€1199 the base model in France. :frowning:

They need money to pay the $1.2M fine they got last week… :wink:

I have never ever bought an Apple computer in an Apple Store. When I got my first Mac in 1989 there were no Apple Stores to begin with. For the last 20 years I have always bought online.

Out by three orders of magnitude: 1.2 Billion

Yes David, sorry for the error.

And worst, the advertisement is a bit misleading: they talk about i7, but for the price, you will get an i3.

Not yet for me (how much will it cost with an i7, 512MB SSD, 16 GB of RAM, AppleCare -whatever its name currently is- etc.) ?

OK: I pass my turn for this time too.

2079 Euro (in Germany) buys you an i7, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB SSD. That’s what I will get. Last year’s model offered just 512 GB at about the same price.

Yeah, I’ve been holding off replacing my 2012 mini. So it’s basically a $200 price drop.

Ditto, because I always customize the order in some way.

I’ve noticed that sometimes you can find up-speced models at 3rd party sellers, but I’m afraid to order one of those because the upgraded drive/memory/etc. might have been done by them instead of by Apple.

@Michael: add AppleCare price to it (and a 4 Ports hub or more, to be usable)…

Remember: price sensibility depends on incomming (and the hoping number of years to use the product).

I am OK with these specs, and 2079 (€) / 3 (years) makes arround 700 € (with 4 or 8 ports hub) a year. Seems OK on the paper, but not with a low income (unfortunately).

AND we have to use Catalina. Think: I am still running El Capitan (I try to force myself to use High Sierra, but it is hard to do).

Oh, yes, I cannot be the only one to think this way :wink:

At that time, there were other Macintosh retailer firms in Germany: Gravis (not to be confused with the accessories manufacturer of the same name), Systematics, Pandasoft,…

Sure; I bought my first Mac from Systematics and the second one from Gravis; all the others were bought online. (My first Mac, an SE/30, did cost me 10,000 DM, and that was the education price. It was the most expensive computer I’ve ever bought, and by some margin.)

Screen was 512 * 480, 1 Bit (if my memory is correct) vs today’s macOS Icons that are 1024 x 1024 @ 144 dpi / Colors. !

512 x 384 pixels actually. Still the SE/30 was the fastest Mac at the time – and it did run Allegro Common LISP which I needed for my AI research. In any case it beat the PDP-10 I used before.

Memory fails… sometimes.

I was working at Apple France in these days…