Net/work – Secure mobile and portable Business Applications for Mac and Windows

Hoerstel, Germany – Net/work is a software platform for Mac and Windows, for native business applications for
mobile and portable use. Unlike typical Cloud solutions Net/work allows the user to work offline, largely without
restrictions. Net/work has been developed from the ground up with the goal of being able to work anywhere at
anytime. Therefore, “offline” is in Net/work applications a normal condition and not an exception.

Net/work software does not have high requirements for the operating system (no .NET, no Java, etc.). You can copy a
Net/work application to a standard USB memory stick and run it from the stick on any computer; a Net/work application
is automatically portable!

Net/work applications automatically connect to a specific application server – called Net/box – as soon as it is
available, without the user having to do anything. The entire data synchronization happens automatically in the
background, completely without conflicts. Synchronization works on properties (fields) instead of objects (records). The
integrated version control ensures that all changes are traceable at all times and makes this data available by request.
This is also true for deleted data, system-wide and no matter to what extent.

Net/work uses data encryption to highest industry standards (AES, SSL), does not require high bandwidth and is
therefore ideal for agencies, field staff, Home Offices and all other people who want to or need to work mobile and do
not want miss the speed and the comfort and experience of a real desktop application.

Net/work is also an alternative to raditional Client/Server solutions in local area networks (LANs); it guarantees an
almost hundred percent availability and the number of backups grows automatically with each workplace.

With “Nice” BSWE provides a test and demo software for testing the Net/work technology on your own devices. Nice is
available for free for Mac and Windows operating systems. On www.en.bswe.Net/work/nice.html you can download the
software including documentation.

For more information about Net/work please visit our product webpage at www.en.bswe.Net/work.

About BSWE
BSWE is a German software and design studio that focuses on the development of high-performance software.
Primarily in the areas of security, high availability, mobility in networks and screen design.
Since 2002 BSWE developed independently individual solutions for Mac and Windows, from a lifestyle application over
traditional ERP software to customized application server.