Nested Container

I am able to change the value of my controls dynamically in my containers but not in nested containers. Example, I make a carteView with text and images and I want to change their value at each instance.
In other words, how do I target the controls of a container in a container?
Does anyone have a tips?

Thank you

Follow the stack down the tree.

OuterContainer.InnerContainer.Control.value = newvalue

Thank you, but there is something I must be missing because I can’t do it.
In my screen I have an instance of CardView (BikeView) which contains CardImageView which contains CardTextView
I want to target CardTitle but I have errors telling me that it doesn’t exist.

Yes, your container is red, which is private. Meaning it can only be accessed from inside its self. Click on the container and change it to public.

A big thank you Ian

No problem.