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In countries that use comma as decimal separator, we can write equations as

x = 4 . 2,5 (or x = 4.2,5)
x = 10

Maybe that system interpreted it as y = 0 * 25 * x ?

4y = x

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That happens in real life.

The Data Camp platform contains many of them.

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In a pub quiz, the question was ‘what type of songs are Silent Night , and O Come All Ye Faithfull?’

Our answer: Carols.
Marked as wrong because ‘the answer is Christmas Carols’
Is there another kind?

(Same quiz: Which car manufacturer makes the ‘Matrix’ ? My Answer : Hyundai.
Their answer : Suzuki.
They were not impressed by my offer to take them into the car park to look at the Hyundai Matrix I had used to drive to the pub, and refused to accept it as the right answer.)


Pub quiz-masters have their list of correct answers and may not be swayed.

Edit: SWMBO says Christmas carols but would have marked your answer as correct and as a practising member of trhe CofE agrees that while there are Easter Carols, no one speaks of them.

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I have a couple of friends called Carol, does that count?


One of my first interviews after graduation was with IBM. A question in their screening test was, “Which word does not belong: small, tiny, little, large, precise?” I answered, “Precise” and was told I was wrong. The interviewer, somewhat smugly, said that obviously large was big and the other words were small. I countered that small, tiny, little, and large were descriptions of size, and precise was a description of accuracy. He said, “But you have a tiny precise number.” I told him he could have a great big precise number too - which stopped him cold. He acknowledged that I was right but he had to mark the answer wrong anyway because it wasn’t what was in his Answer Book.

I told him if his programmers couldn’t distinguish between the size of something and the accuracy of something, IBM’s programs would suffer. And that was the end of the interview.


Same with those who run other contests.
I will disclaim on here that I was diagnosed with being autistic (Asperger’s) and having ADD.
I take things VERY literally.

College: screaming contest - who can scream the loudest?

I got up there on stage and screamed so loudly that Security called the police while running to stop whatever murder they were sure must have been happening … from the next building over.
A “cute couple” who whispered to each other about being frightened instead of screaming “won” the contest.

Retail store: bad singing contest - who can sing the worst?

I sing so badly (I am mostly deaf) that I can infect people and turn them off-key for about an hour… or more. So many angry people complained to store management and demanded for it to stop. The DJ running the contest told me I sing so badly that I did not even qualify for the prize of a bag of lemons.
Someone actually capable of singing “won” the “contest.”


Pagan Carols? Yuletide Carols?

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