"Needs review" feedbacks are piling

No one taking care?

Holyday time ?

Pandemic time? I spent the last several days quite ill myself :frowning:
Hope everyone at Xojo is doing alright!


Not aware of any.

Yep. This is a correct time, but Xojo works remotely and the “pandemic time” does not affect it unless a “we are all sick time” comes in. But the “review feedbacks” task is not a one man task. The entire bug tracking / review team got sick? Things got worryingly little quiet. If someone at Xojo got sick I wish them all the best and news about their health too.

No one is sick or on holiday… we have a typical amount of bugs in review stage for an active ongoing testing cycle.

I have 3 reports with hard crashes:


All 3 are still “Needs review”-

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Yep. I sent a direct email to Xojo via the website contact form offering to pay for someone to look at my recent bug 2 days ago but I didn’t even get a response.

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We did receive your email, Garry. We get a lot of emails but we try to respond to Customer Service inquiries within two business days.

Hello Dana,
what is the “normal” turnaround time for Feedback entries to be reviewed? I know, there is no such thing as “normal” in this environment. But generally, how many days/week should I expect until a case is reviewed.
(side question: how do I ‘raise a hand’ if it wasn’t reviewed?)

I personally have a few cases from 2016 and 2017, which are still needing review.
But let them catch up after Christmas.

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just open a new FC :slight_smile:

The timeframe really depends. We are currently closed for the holidays until January 4th. If you have an urgent issue we are checking email periodically so you can contact hello@xojo.com.


Can you share how many FC you get per day in average? Must be many …

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