Need to restart computer with webapp to see changes

Hi Folks,
recently, I made a very small modification to a web app on a mac mini
I only changes a line in a constant, re-build, copy to the server and run the app with terminal.

the new value of the constant was the old one !
I had to restart the mac mini, re-launch the web app and this time it was the good value.

is it normal behavior ? is it something in the caches ?
the constant was the content of an email sent bt the web app. the email has been sent but with the old value…


Did you kill the running app first?

I presses ctrl-c in the terminal window. and got the prompt. is it enough to kill the app ?

I know there was previous bug fix:

Fixed a regression which made it so you couldn’t stop a web app that was run from a console window using CTRL-C on macOS and Linux.

So it’s possible this wasn’t 100% fixed or has returned. You might want to check and see if the process is still running after you hit ctrl-c…

No, just a fresh macos 10.13 and the web app run from the terminal.

when you press ctrl-c check to see if the process is still running with ps or Activity Monitor.

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