Need to close Browser window


I have an app that launches a video in it’s own window, sized appropriately. When the Video finishes they press a take test button that loads a test, (separate app) into the same window. When the Test finishes, it sends them to a different page in the Main Browser window. The problem is the Video window doesn’t close and will eventually show the App has gone off line message.

This would probably work

Try it on the page by clicking try it yourself, it doesn’t work there either.

It works here with Chrome on Mac.

However, why do you need several windows ? Could not the process you describe take place over successive windows ?

Right now on using Safari doesn’t work on that. Chrome is my normal main browser.

The reason I’m doing a separate window for the video is because it makes it easier for the user to position it where he wants without having to scroll around browser. In the research I’ve been doing it seems like that’s considered a security risk if a script closes the window. I don’t know why though.

If I can’t close the window and what I will do is just display some graphic and thanking them are something like that.