Need to clear IDE cache frequently

I am finding that the Xojo IDE (2013 r3.3 - Mac OS 10.10.5) has started to hang when it never really did before. I clear the Xojo cache (Library > Caches > Xojo) which corrects the problem, but then every so often (maybe once a week or so) it happens again. My project is about 16.4 Mb. Any ideas?

I made the cache folder a symlink to /tmp folder, so my OS X will clear it each time the Mac restarts.

Sounds good. This will probably save me some aggravation.

If you need to clear the cache, it’s a bug that should be filed and fixed. I haven’t seen anything concrete filed in a year or two and I’ve fixed everything that I know of.

Joe, you did notice that he is using the 2013 IDE, right?

Nope :).