Need some tips on creating an invoice

I’m creating an invoice using Xojo Reports. Its a little painful but its working.

A visual description so you can use your imagination. I’m storing all of my info in a temporary table so I can just access that and dump what is in there.

There is a header w/the company info, company logo, customer info and shipping info.
The rest is everything they have purchased.
Since I’m building this table, everything is in order starting with purchases. Then the payments are displayed.

In my footer I have a grand total which will equal zero if it is paid off.

What I would like is to have a seperate section which shows the grand total, then it shows all the payments individually and then the balance.

The table I created has both what the customer purchased and their payments. It would be nice to be able to create a seperate query that can run and can dump info in the footer regarding payments and total them up.

Hope this makes sense.

here is a snippet of the invoice.


Anyway, I figured it out.

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what i missing in screenshot, a quantity unit, currency, tax value, tax id.
basically a invoice have a header(footer) and rows of services / items.

i made some invoice apps. all invoice line item should be based on an template.
all values should be stored in database and never calculated at runtime or in a report.
every field should have the origin in database. no static text at reports.
be sure you can print the same invoice also years later as copy,
also after a frame agreement change and items get new price.

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Yea, that part I understand…all of that works. The reports designer is not really that good. I’m going to end up creating an html page in a later version which will be the invoice. It’ll be easier to manipulate as a developer vs using Xojo reports designer.

and use wkhtmltopdf to create pdf from the html