Need some nice Linux people to test my app. Part 2

here is some more general information and things to try.

On the company page there is a link which will log you in directly without the need to type in your username and password.
You can turn the drone and task of by ticking OFFLINE and clicking on UPDATE in the pages.
I will delete all the accounts in a week if you don’t ask to keep it.
You can monitor 3 apps/services with the test account.
In contacts ( the icon that looks like a dentist ) 8) you set up when you or your staff are available so it will only email those who are suppose to get the emails not those on holidays or asleep etc…

In my setup I have a script to fix the problem at warning level 1, an email to available at 2 , then a break so someone could log in, at 5 I try something else via a script and at warning level 9 I “email all”. In some I set it to reboot at level 10 which means that it hasn’t run for 50 minutes.

You can set the drone to reboot the machine if it has no internet. As we all know the easiest way to fix 90% of problems is to just reboot the computer. In both Windows and Linux it is sent a reboot not a shutdown. If this is ticked then it will try to contact our 3 servers, then Google then IBM. If all those fail then it will reboot the computer.

on the front page, click on the task and you will see when and what the drone connected to, if you click on the drone list you will see the information from the drone as well as all the tasks which are running, it is updated every 5 minutes exactly.

If you want to monitor your SMTP, POP server just use “ping an IP and PORT” you will need to type in your IP address. LOCALhost doesn’t work BUT it is on my to do list. Then the PORT, these are normally services so use stop service and start service.

If you use “request process close” it is advised you put a pause as the next command to give Linux time to close the app just in case it has to save a database etc… Some of mine take 60-90 seconds to close.

something like this is what I use.

request process close dcbureau
pause 90
kill process dcbureau
pause 5
run “/home/damon/desktop/DC/dcbureau”

If you have a log file then checking the modification date will tell you if the app has stalled even though it is showing as “running” in the process list.

If the modification date is changing and the app is showing as “running” then you can check the contents of a folder to see if it isnt processing files I.e. Outbound documents in my case.
If there are more than 30 document in a folder then fire a warning. In this case I leave level 1 blank as it might be that we are just busy, however if it is still the same at warning level 3 we should start to do something.

If you have an questions or recommendations of things to add I am open to all comments.

If you notice the familiar “application has gone offline” it is more than likely I have just updated the site. Your applications and services are still being monitored.

Once again thanks - that’s enough.