Need separate downloads for MBS Plugins?


Does everyone here download the whole package for a new release or do you guys download individual parts?

Also do you download separate plugin, examples or docs archives?

We thought about simplifying our releases and not do those individual packages any more.

e.g. keep:


Remove those:


And parts:

MBS Audio Plugin.dmg
MBS Audio
MBS AVFoundation Plugin.dmg
MBS AVFoundation
MBS Barcode Plugin.dmg
MBS Barcode
MBS Bluetooth Plugin.dmg
MBS Bluetooth
MBS Cameras Plugin.dmg
MBS Cameras
MBS ChartDirector Plugin.dmg
MBS ChartDirector
MBS Compression Plugin.dmg
MBS Compression
MBS ComputerControl Plugin.dmg
MBS ComputerControl
MBS CURL Plugin.dmg
MBS DataTypes Plugin.dmg
MBS DataTypes
MBS Dongle Plugin.dmg
MBS Dongle
MBS DynaPDF Plugin.dmg
MBS Encryption Plugin.dmg
MBS Encryption
MBS GraphicsMagick Plugin.dmg
MBS GraphicsMagick
MBS Images Plugin.dmg
MBS Images
MBS Java Plugin.dmg
MBS Java
MBS Linux Plugin.dmg
MBS Linux
MBS Mac64bit Plugin.dmg
MBS Mac64bit
MBS MacClassic Plugin.dmg
MBS MacClassic
MBS MacCloud Plugin.dmg
MBS MacCloud
MBS MacCocoa Plugin.dmg
MBS MacCocoa
MBS MacFrameworks Plugin.dmg
MBS MacFrameworks
MBS MacOSX Plugin.dmg
MBS Main Plugin.dmg
MBS Main
MBS Network Plugin.dmg
MBS Network
MBS Overlay Plugin.dmg
MBS Overlay
MBS Picture Plugin.dmg
MBS Picture
MBS SQL Plugin.dmg
MBS Tools Plugin.dmg
MBS Tools
MBS USB Plugin.dmg
MBS Util Plugin.dmg
MBS Util
MBS VLC Plugin.dmg
MBS Win Plugin.dmg
MBS XL Plugin.dmg
MBS XMP Plugin.dmg

Thanks for letting me know.


Christian … I always download the entire package because I know I’ve got everything I need in one, single place on my hard drive and I’m getting EVERYTHING at once and don’t have to go back online to find other things (e.g., examples, etc.) when I need them later. It’s a “convenience issue” to me.


I do the same as Don.

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Same. Always the complete thing.

I download the entire package… but only install the Plugins I need.

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Same as Jim, download the whole stuff.

also the same, I download the entire thing since I use almost all of it anyway :slight_smile:

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Stupid question: can’t you see in Google Analytics how many times your different packages were downloaded?

We don’t use Google Analytics. I know what my Webserver statistics say and just wondered if someone explicitly needs those downloads.

I download the whole package BUT found the complete documentation (pdf) to be unbearably slow so got just the documentation for the plugin (MapKit) I was working with.

We’re using only less than a handful of your Plugins. So we always download the individual Plugin parts.
Sure - we could also download the whole package, and then pick out what we want to use. That wouldn’t be a big deal.

Oh, that would be annoying. I’d expect 1 documentation PDF for each Plugin to be available if I needed to download the whole package (but just use a couple of Plugins).

I always download the whole package, but then I have a script that copies only the plugins that we use to Xojo’s plugins folder.

I always download the whole package, but also the zip with the individual plugin-PDFs.

We’ll keep the individual PDFs, no worries.

But I have yet to find a client, who prefers the parts downloads.
I think it’s okay to leave them away in future and save some work here.

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You already have :wink:

Sounds reasonable. One can pick out the needed Plugins - all or just a couple of them.

Not just keep. Include them in the “whole package”.

Then you can/could even get rid of one more download-file.

I download everything, every time. I never know when I might need a plugin I don’t usually use, or need to look for an example.

I download the DMG every time and use Plugins Pro to load just the ones I need. It is a 1 minute option and much simpler than it used to be.

I always download the complete DMG :wink: and keep it saved on my own server.

Why did you guys answer a thread with over a year in age?


I didn’t look at the date, sorry!

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