Need Replacement for DropBox Public Folder

[quote=304038:@Tim Parnell]Keep in mind that the other part of the Public folder function was to provide the same url for the same file. Replacing the file might yield a new dropbox link (not sure entirely)

Would you let us know if you run into any issues with the link changing? That would be awesome.[/quote]

The same link works.

  • karen

Another forum I’m a member of has a “Members Gallery”. You upload images into your gallery, and insert it via the toolbox - simple. I guess it does require disk space though.

There are questions on this forum that I’ve wanted to ask, but required an accompanying image. Too much mucking around uploading to dropbox and inserting the link and [quote]remove the “?dl=0” and replace it with “?raw=1”[/quote]. etc.

Try - it’s free and allows direct linking so you don’t have to do the dropbox modification stuff.

A while back I picked up the domain and got permission to use it as a sort of file sharing service specifically for this forum. I just don’t have enough time to implement anything. If anyone wants to help, feel free to contact me!

Thanks Tim. Looks like may be the way to go - I’ll check it out.

Wish I could help with your file sharing idea - sounds great. Unfortunately I too have other priorities at the moment.

I did study html/css/Javascript etc. a while back and still have the website that I used for testing. I was hoping that it could lead to a possible career change as a web developer/designer.

The harsh reality is that coming from a country with a high cost of living meant that I would have to charge $X per hour to make a living, whereas my competition (in other countries) with a much lower cost of living could charge a quarter of that or even less.

The “Level Playing Field” Indeed!!! - for whom?

Market based on expertise in a specific domain
Usually companies want someone who has expertise in a specific domain AND can write code to solve issues in that domain
Not “I can write code for X per hour”
You can hire lots of people who can write code - writing the RIGHT kind of code for the problem is key

I would never ask a plumber to rewrite my house
And I would seek out someone who KNEW payroll if I wanted a payroll system - not just someone who can crank out code

And there are other sellable differences
People in other countries are less likely to pay the client a visit and see them face to face
Teleconferencing only goes so far

Time zone proximity helps
Worked for one company that tried to off shore a bunch of work to India
Trying to have meetings was painful a one or the other was up either really early (like at work by 6AM) or staying really late
That has a huge cost
It’s hard for either end to to ask questions on an impromptu basis

And these things do add up to “I charge X per hour”

Thats this old joke
A company has this machine that runs their entire operation and produces their widgets.
One day it gets stuck and everyone at the company looks at it and despite their best efforts cannot make it resume working.
So they call in “The Expert”
He walks around, hums , haws and listens to everything.
Finally he pulls out a hammer and whacks one gear and everything springs back to life.
And he presents the Boss with a bill for $10,000
“But all you did was hit it once !!!” exclaims the Boss “We could have fixed it if it we knew it was that simple.”

“Ah” says The Expert “But you didn’t fix and and couldn’t fix it. So you called me. It’s not just knowing that you have to hit it. Its knowing WHERE to hit !”

I offer free hosting, give you a sub-domain and you can do pretty much what you want with it (within reasons of course)… I did contact Tim in regards to his idea (it was a simple message) so hopefully we can get something up and running for everyone to use…