Need MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) Installer

Hi Folks, I have to do some compatibility testing and I need macOS 10.12 (Sierra). Anyone have the installer they’re willing to share?

I don’t know if this link still works:

[quote=440840:@Alberto De Poo]I don’t know if this link still works: [/quote]
It does not for me.

I’ll PM you.

This one works for me:

(but so does the other one)

It depends on what version of the MAS you connect using.

Apple support has articles for each OS.

10.10 was a bad link…

The “Get…” link in Step 4 is what you want.

You may need to change the “en-us” part of the url to reflect your locale (not sure, but maybe)

Good info Jim, Step 4 for macOS 10.12 say:

maybe that’s why Bob was not able to download it.

I can download it with 10.11 el capitan …

That’s interesting… I just downloaded those a few weeks ago.

I think I have everything I need now. Thanks for all the offers.

any idea how to get the good one ?

Nope, and I’m a bit concerned by Apple making it much more difficult to get an older installer.

Take them all and archive them…

I have all of them since 10.0… it is to send an official link to customers that don’t have them and need to reinstall.

I can fairly understand that only the supported systems are available like this to download.

[quote=440884:@Jean-Yves Pochez]I can fairly understand that only the supported systems are available like this to download.

I would hope that Apple understands that developers need to install old OS’s sometimes though. I never understood why they don’t have full installers in the developer downloads.

Apple is pretty driven in trying to force us all into the latest and greatest. There’s nothing “Developer Special” about those MAS links, but you must be running an earlier version or, at most, one version newer, of macOS for the download to work in the MAS as Alberto and I mentioned above.

Ooh, Ohh, Pick Me! I know the answer to that one - they want developers running the same version as end users.

I asked about that back in the Lion timeframe when they stopped leaving the Developer builds up.

For what it’s worth, Hackintosh has all the images available for download.