Need help with Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu (Paid)

Well if you could ever wear out a disk by saving a conf file too many times I would have accomplished that in the last two days. I need some help, and it can be paid, to get my Ubuntu Apache server working with two virtual hosts.

I somehow managed to get it working some months ago with a single host for testing. I now need two sites and one of them HTTPS (I have not even touched that yet).

If somebody would want to earn a few dollars to help it would be appreciated.

You can contact me at

You might try the Cherokee web server which includes a nice admin interface.

I would advise getting a managed hosting provider or hiring a managed services team. They are usually inexpensive and can help you. I would not let just anyone on your server.

This is currently on Rackspace and they do have managed services. I currently have Webmin installed that is a very nice and easy to use interface. Just about every Apache option appears to be available but I am obviously missing something. I want to configure two domains so only the domain is required to hit each each virtual server (no slash directory after the domain or sub-domain). I can get close and have one of three scenarios happen:

  1. Forbidden error
  2. Not found error
  3. Or a XOJO error that says the app has gone off line but the page format is in complete and there is an image referenced in the page that is a broken link.

I am not sure that if I used Rackspace managed services they would not say: “Sorry we don’t understand XOJO”.

I had this working but not as a virtual server so it does work on this server.

  1. Forbidden error isn’t necessarily bad. Could just mean you don’t have a default document in that directory.
  2. Virtual host probably pointing to wrong place.
  3. This usually means the Xojo app crashed. I’ve seen this happen a few times and it can be difficult to diagnose. Usually something in the Session Open event is crashing the app. Perhaps a wrong path to a database or something. It can be tricky to find. Start with a super simple app that does nothing just to verify settings.

This app was totally working on this server prior to trying to configure Apache to use virtual hosts so I think the app does work properly.

I will concentrate on looking at the forbidden problem.

ALSO — a couple of times I managed to get the Perl script to display as text. I thought that was a mime issue but I could not fix it.

Thanks for the hints.

Well what I mean is maybe the app was looking in the wrong directory for something which could cause it to crash.

In regards to Perl that’s not actually a MIME issue. That means the web server doesn’t know it should use Perl to interpret that file.

Are you just deploying Xojo apps in these two virtual domains? If so, it might be easier to setup HAProxy or Nginx and run them as stand alone instead. I find that web apps are typically a little more responsive that way. If you need Apache for other stuff as well, then you might not want to bother with it.