Need help with DateInterval feature request

I haven’t used DateInterval much, after seeing a post in the forum I did some tests and I’m thinking of asking for a couple of feature requests. I need your help with this. First, it is a good idea? second, how to present it?

First Feature Request: option to show a double with the total interval for the selected element.
For example, if we get a DateInterval by substracting d2 from d1, we end with a DateInterval that can have, for example, 1 hour 33 minutes 15 seconds. What I want is a built-in option to ask the DateInterval how many minutes there is in that interval without the need for me to do the calculation.
Something like dateinterval.inMinutes (93.25) or dateinterval.inHours (1.5541666667)

Second Feature Request: DateInterval ToString with formatting option
Sometimes we may need to present the DateInterval in a string format, so I’m thinking something like this:
DateInterval.ToString(“hh:mm”) where the format could use Y, M, D, h, m, s. Using the example above this will return “01:33”, if the format is “hhmmss” it will show “013315” and if “” is used then “01:33.25”

These are just convenience features, maybe some people already have code that gives the same results.

i used this without use of DateInterval

Var d1 As DateTime =
Var interval As New DateInterval
interval.Hours = 3
interval.Minutes = 15

Var d2 As DateTime = d1 + interval

System.DebugLog d2.ToString(Locale.Current, DateTime.FormatStyles.None, DateTime.FormatStyles.Short)

System.DebugLog "Seconds " + Str((d2.SecondsFrom1970 - d1.SecondsFrom1970))
System.DebugLog "Minutes " + Str((d2.SecondsFrom1970 - d1.SecondsFrom1970) / 60.0)
System.DebugLog "Hours " + Str((d2.SecondsFrom1970 - d1.SecondsFrom1970) / 3600.0)

i think the idea is this

System.DebugLog interval.Hours.ToString(Locale.Current) + ":" + interval.Minutes.ToString(Locale.Current)

would output