Need help: Help Menu Bug


I have this weird problem where I open a window from the Help menu (On Mac) and the window does not get focus until after 20-30 seconds.

It looks like this might be a problem with my MacBook Pro 2018. I’ve tested on a couple of other computers and there it works fine.

But I’d like to be sure: So if some of you feel like spending 2-3 minutes downloading a Xojo standalone from Feedback to test this for me I’d be happy.

1 Download the program
2 Start it
3 Choose Show Window2 from the Help menu.
4 Try to enter text into the text field that is in Window2.

If everything is good then you can enter text immediately,

If it is not OK then it will take maybe 20-30 seconds before you are allowed to enter text.

Appreciate your help!

You will find application ( at the end of this Feedback case:


the app is not downloading correctly for me, but the project at first post is ok
sorry but I can type text immediately in the second window.
xojo2018r3 and macos 10.11.6


I tested to download it myself and it seemed be downloadable.

Hmmmm… I wonder what is so special about my computer/system that this won’t work for me.

Quit applications,
Power Off.

Boot with cmd-r pressed,
Click in Disk Utilities,
Check your boot hard disk,

If everything OK, shutdown.

Fire the application and check the time now.

Eventually, trash the application, fire Xojo, clear the Cache folder build the application,
Quit Xojo,$Run the application: any change ?

Thanks Emile, I’ll try that later when less work :slight_smile: