Need for several "Sticky/Pinned" Conversations

I saw in one thread about a suggestion for “Pinned” conversation to post about newly accepted Apple App Store apps. That way we can all see the activity without having to search.

I would like to propose a second one for people who contribute code for the “missing functions” in iOS. There is at least one conversation about the “Missing Format Function” that is growing with lots of other functions referenced. This would ultimately benefit all XOJO developers AND give XOJO a method to measure the popularity of some “features” that are “user developed” and possibly be included in a future release. Ultimately maybe the code should be on GitHub, Dropbox, or somewhere, but the conversation would be a place to keep everybody informed. I am sure there are many “snippets” that people would be willing to contribute and this would be a central place to ask the group if that “wheel had already been invented” and keep track of posted code.

Sounds like a great idea, Mark … and shouldn’t be all that hard to do, I would think.

Michel has already kindly forked it on GitHub.
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