Need design guide (recipe list)

need design guide


I just downloaded Xojo (I came from Pure Basic) and been reading the free ebook.

I have tried the font browser demo, and planning to develop a software for my own use.

I imagine this:

  1. i have a main window, it has 3 button - breakfast, lunch, dinner
  2. clicking these button opens another window, each behave like the font browser demo.

my plan is to have an object that have 3 variables

  1. numbering (digit, internal use)
  2. receipe name (string)
  3. receipe (multi line string)

is it true string can be up to 2 gb?

what is the best way to store this data in memory (linked list of object/class?)

what is the best way to store this data on disk (might be included into project as resource)*

i been reading xml but it seems that each has to be the same? Or because string can have multiline an can be up to 2gb i don’t have to worry about this and just let the recipe part to be one long string? is there any better way or xojo may have better functionalities to handle this. sqlite? or this is overkill? (start with minimal recipe but might grow. maybe for starter 100 recipe for each breakfast, lunch, dinner)

whatever format used for recipe, i might create different app to actually edit it (add, delete, edit recipe and recipe name). the app above only read it. as i want the software to be single exe runnable from thumb drive. yes, this means if i added more recipe, i need to re-include the file as resource and recompile. but this is by design, and i will the only one using it.

is it possible to combine search and regex?
as in if I put “rier alti” in the search bar I should get “Courier New Baltic” as a result.
also, does the example has a bug (anyone tried searching “Time”?)

anyway, i want the window to work like the font preview app. except if i put in “egg bacon” in search bar i would get “Boiled Egg With Cut Bacon” and “Fried Egg with Bacon” and if I click on the result in the listbox, the receipt would shows in the text box.

i just needed the guidance to the right direction.


if you use the app for yourself, a local sqlite database is fine, it can store text and also a recipe photo.
the pro with database is the search and you have a single file.
the con a single file can break and your work is lost.
jsonitem can also be used so save data with reference to an image.
conventional you use a id, load this data into ui, save this data from ui.

for the receipe i would add category, author, date, tags(search keywords), last used, rating, note.

textarea have a property RTFData, you could store StyledText.

for editor features u can use/read System.CommandLine,
you can also set a command line argument in ide at build settings / shared.

No Photo to display ?

There is no photo to display.

Recipe name and recipe is a place holder for internal stuff I’m working on (I’m mostly write small tool to help with my life and work).

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