Need clarification of "free" Xojo for Raspberry Pi

I’ve been using Xojo primarily for Raspberry Pi development for the last 6 years. I purchased a license for Xojo Pro so I am able to use Xojo in a number of OS environments without restrictions. But I want to promote Xojo to other Raspberry Pi users and am unclear what the restrictions of the “free” Xojo for Raspberry Pi are.

Is the “free” Xojo for Raspberry Pi able to create executable programs that can be deployed to a Raspberry Pi? Or do you need a license to unlock that feature?

One of my favorite features is the Xojo Remote Debugger and when I demonstrate this to other Raspberry Pi users they are always intrigued at having a powerful IDE that runs on a full blown PC while the Xojo code is running on the Raspberry Pi. A great system for developing Raspberry Pi applications.

So, what are the restrictions of the “free” Xojo for Raspberry Pi? I don’t want to misrepresent Xojo when talking to Raspberry Pi users.



I’m sure @Dana_Brown will answer soon but at least you need to go to the Raspberry pi section and get a license to build for Raspberry. The license is free.

Using the free Raspberry Pi license you can build Pi-native desktop and console apps that you can distribute, and you can use SQLite. You can use the Remote Debugger to write your code on Windows/Mac/Linux and run it for testing on the Raspberry Pi.

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