Need Beta Testers for an iPad text editor

DISCLAIMER : this app is not written in Xojo (although the upcoming desktop version will be)

I have created a text/programmer type editor for the iPad (including mini and Pro) that is in some aspects, similar to UltraEdit™, or Xcode™
it has a custom keyboard, and desktop like menu systems to support the 80+ editing commands, it has word based syntax highlighting, which will be customizable in the future via a desktop utlity app.

if interested, send an email to

and before you ask… Angel is a 10year old Basset hound that my wife and I have been helping nurse back to health after she was found beaten and starved earlier this year.

Looks great. Congratulations, Dave :slight_smile:

Does it have the possibility to run some code, e.g. via WebKit Javascript ? It may bundle e.g. python … ?

At the moment it is JUST a texteditor… not an IDE… but a plan is to put an interpeted BASIC like language behind it… but it will not be WEBKIT, Javascript or Python, and will be contrained to the same sandbox as the editor itself. The idea is to be an educational tool to teach programming concepts.