Need beta tester for German messages

I localized my latest Mac OS X app, Fonts Manager. I am fluent in French and Spanish, but I had to rely on Google Translate for German.

I need a native speaker to look at the result on a German system to make sure the result is adequate.

If you are interested, please PM me and I will send you the beta for test.

Basically, what I want to make sure is if the product is credible, or if I should refrain from having that German version out, and keep only English, Spanish and French.

if you like, email me a copy of the texts, so I can just read them.

I will do that. Thank you Christian.

Feel free to forward me the Lingua file if you need Dutch and if there are string with max lengths.

Hi Marco.

I appreciate your offer.

From the first reactions it seems this will require more work. I will post again when it is more advanced.

Thank you.